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We ran into 1 Eyed Jacks at a bridal fair, which was not the place for us... but turned out that we were there for a reason... to meet these guys. Russ and Jake did a better job than we could have hoped for. They did the music for our ceremony as well as our reception. They were professional, fun, and went above and beyond. Our family and friends could not stop commenting on how the amazing the dj's were.
We LOVED our starting line up. 1 Eyed Jacks took a simple few details about our friends and turned them into a highlight at our wedding. Everyone was laughing as each attendant was announced. Each person who was introduced was surprised by their entrance and could not stop talking about how it fit them perfectly. They payed attention to each little detail as well as got to know the both of us individually to create a starting line up that encompassed our relationship and personalities.
1 Eyed Jacks is the perfect DJ service! We would use them again in any situation. Thank you so much for making our special day even more than we could have imagined.

Catie and Ben

Our guests still talk about how great our Wedding Party Starting Lineups were! It was so much fun to give a small background as to why we chose those people to stand by us on our big day. I would use 1 Eyed Jacks again in a heartbeat! They know their stuff and are really good DJs, I highly recommend them to anyone!

- Pat and Rebecca

"We absolutely loved our Wedding Party Starting Lineups. They were a hit with everyone and people still mention to us that one of their favorite parts to our Wedding Day was the announcement of the Wedding Party. 1 Eyed Jacks did an amazing job!"

- Chris & Lindsey

WOW! 1 BIG THANK YOU is a great starting point! The Wedding Party Starting Lineup was the best investment we made for our wedding! The moment we received the cd we listened, smiled, laughed and could picture all of our wedding party entering into the reception hall. When our big day came we knew our guests were in for a great surprise. It was exciting, funny and amazing! Everyone from our guests, to the hall owner, to our photographer and DJ were asking us how did we do that!? They had never seen or heard anything like that! We got so many compliments and all I could do is smile and say 1 Eyed Jacks rocked it out! They did it all, the writing, mixing and announcing! All I had to provide were the stories and info about our Bridal Party! Our wedding was 3 months ago and I still watch and listen to the video we made of the intro and glow with happiness! Truly the best way to start off your wedding reception! Not to mention all the memories! Thanks again 1 Eyed Jacks!


My husband and I used 1 Eyed Jacks for our "Wedding Party Starting Lineups". We were referred to 1 Eyed Jacks by a friend and their service was above and beyond what we had expected. 1 Eyed Jacks was timely, communicated with us well, and went out of their way to make our 'Wedding Party Starting Lineup" perfect! We even had a last minute change that we wanted 1 Eyed Jacks to do two days before the wedding and they did it without hesitation. We still have people 6 months after our wedding talking about how awesome our entrance was to the "Wedding Party Starting Lineup"! Everyone in the bridal party loved it and those who were guests at our wedding had never heard anything like it. 1 Eyed Jacks was great to work with and our "Wedding Party Starting Lineup" was a major hit. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have their wedding reception start with excitement and laughter - it is worth it!

- Carla

Thanks so much for the AWESOME Wedding Party Starting Line-Up! It was a HUGE hit! We had a lot of people asking where we got it! It really made our reception 10 times better! Thanks again!

Jason & Christy

We never imagined what professional, energetic and fun introductions could do for a business meeting.
Given the task to add some "fun" into a normally static business meeting we found this team. They did such a phenomenal job.
They were able to get what we wanted within a few interactions and knock it out of the park.
We would use them again in a heartbeat. Perfect for a business meeting, not too over the top but just something a little different and to mention again, fun.

-Mary Mathiowetz-

One Eyed Jacks was our DJ for our wedding in August, 2008, in small town West Point, NE. Everyone in our party and at the wedding dance had an AWESOME time! I got a lot of compliments on our dj's and have recommended them countless times to tons of my friends/relatives who are getting married this year and next. That in itself says a lot; I obviously wouldn't recommend a DJ to my friends and relatives, whose weddings I will be at, if they made for a boring reception! Not only did they play great wedding music, but they were able to accommodate requests very well. I have been to 3 weddings now that they have dj'ed and each one was unique and each as fun as the next! They do a great job keeping things moving and just helping the whole reception move along smoothly. Trust me, I've seen some BAD DJ's (won't name names), and it can really ruin a wedding dance! I'm looking forward to my cousin's wedding in November, my co-worker's wedding in November, & my sister's in May so I can enjoy their great DJ skills again!

-Michelle Gerths (Burger)-

I used Russ and Jake back in November for my wedding, and they did a fantastic job. And that is coming from one of the pickiest brides EVER! Just ask em, they'll tell ya!

I had a song list that was all over the board, old stuff, new stuff, stuff people had never even heard of, and they were able to accommodate me completely! As great as they were with finding all the right music, I think I need to mention the best part of my One Eyed Jacks experience.my wedding intro. I gave Russ and Jake short bios on everyone in my wedding party, and they turned it into a hilarious introduction set to music that fit that person's personality. Everyone loved it!! It got the party started on the right foot, and made people laugh. We even have it on a CD so we can go back and listen to it and laugh all over again.

-Kimberly Norton-

We know Jake Ryan from a former co-worker and knew that he did the DJ business on side. He has played numerous times at the bar we hang out (Jackson's Pub). Our group always has a great time, Russ and Jake kept the crowd going by either having people sing, or playing songs to get people out on the dance floor. So we used them for our daughter's college graduation which she shared with 2 other classmates and everyone there said that their party was the best. The college kids kept Russ & Jake busy all night, and they did a great job getting all the requests met by everyone. We were very pleased with 1 Eyed Jacks; we sure got our money's worth, and would recommend them again for the next party we have.

Keep up the good work.

-Cheryl Knoell-

We used 1 Eyed Jacks for our pharmacy school graduation party and chose to go the karaoke route. They are so affordable!! The guys did a wonderful job moving the night along and everyone that wanted to sing was able to. They have a huge song selection and we did not hear any complaints about them not having a song that someone wanted to sing.

The guys were very accommodating and made the night very memorable for me and my friends and family. For sure the best part of the night was when they took my mom out on the dance floor and serenaded her with "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! Thanks guys


"After many frustrating phone calls to DJ's in the metro area I found 1 Eyed Jacks! Jake took the time to get to know me and asked lots of questions about my expectations. My 13 year old daughter provided 1 Eyed Jacks with a long list of songs and they played every song on the list. Russ was awesome and engaged the party of teens to participate. A highlight was when Russ got on the dance floor and showed the kids how to do the "Cupid Shuffle". It was so cool to see them gather around and learn the dance with him! My daughter's 13th birthday party bash was a huge success because of these guys!"

-Jodi Gnader-

"1 Eyed Jacks can keep a crowd rockin' and dancin' all night long! We had a blast! 1 Eyed Jacks catered to every need of our venue and had an extensive music library on hand that kept everyone dancing. 1 Eyed Jacks really know how to make parties fun and enjoyable for everyone. I would recommend them to DJ at any occasion!

-Krystal Kelly, Entertainment Chairperson KCACTF '08-

"My husband Vince and I would highly recommend 1 Eyed Jacks to anyone! We used 1 Eyed Jacks for our wedding and we couldn't have been happier! They were enthusiastic and fun to work with leading up to the big day.

No detail was left out, they asked lots of questions about us to get to know who we are and to get a feel for what we liked and disliked. During the event, they were very friendly and organized, interacting with guests and taking requests. We had many compliments on how much fun our guests had because of 1 Eyed Jacks. Both Russ and Jake were genuine in their excitement to be there, never once sounding like they were just there to get the job done and over with. More importantly, they weren't CHEESY!

Also, the Bridal Party introduction that 1 Eyed Jacks produced was AMAZING! It made the entrance fun and light hearted. It gave the guests a glimpse at how my husband and I see and care for our friends and it makes a great keepsake! Vince and I still listen to the CD 1 Eyed Jacks gave to us, it's still hilarious!

As for pricing, VERY AFFORDABLE. With all the costs associated with our wedding, 1 Eyed Jacks was by far the best value. 1 Eyed Jacks didn't charge for every little detail the way some of the bigger companies do. Why pay a lot for a guy to come in and act like he is having a good time, when you can hire an affordable pair that are genuine and amazing at what they do? The price was great and the whole experience working with 1 Eyed Jacks was unbelievable!

Russ and Jake were a big hit at our wedding and we would love to use 1 Eyed Jacks again in the future!"

- Andi Guyer (Kelley) -

"We used 1 Eyed Jacks for our daughters wedding, no reason to look any where else... 1 Eyed Jacks rock! The dance floor was going all night and the music they played appealed to everyone, young and old! You will get more for your money with 1 Eyed Jacks Entertainment."

-Lesa Miller-